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Manufacturer Part Number 71C362204S-1104S
Manufacturer Grayhill Inc.
Lead Free Status / RoHS Status Lead free / RoHS Compliant
71C362204S-1104S Datasheet 162 2273680 http://www.grayhill.com/assets/1/7/Rotary_71.pdf 71C362204S-1104S PDF 71C362204S-1104S.PDF
71C362204S-1104S Download Datasheet 71C362204S-1104S PDFDownload  71C362204S-1104S Details.PDF
71C362204S-1104S Price
Grayhill  Inc.
Image shown is a representation only. Exact specifications should be obtained from the product data sheet.

Product Details of 71C362204S-1104S

Number of Positions:4
Index Stops:Fixed
Number of Decks:
Number of Poles per Deck:
Circuit per Deck:DP4T, SP4T
Contact Timing:Shorting (MBB)
Current Rating:250mA (AC/DC)
Voltage Rating - AC:115V
Voltage Rating - DC:30V
Actuator Type:Concentric (3.17mm Dia, 6.35mm Dia)
Actuator Length:9.53mm
Angle of Throw:36~
Contact Material:Silver Alloy
Contact Finish:-
Mounting Type:Panel Mount
Termination Style:Solder Lug
Depth Behind Panel:41.48mm
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