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Nantian Electronics is a leading independent electronic components distributor of Fairchild Semiconductor parts.
Fairchild Semiconductor Distributor We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Fairchild Semiconductor electronic component parts. Browse the part number by Fairchild Semiconductor to find the electronic component parts you need. Once you find the Fairchild Semiconductor electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly. If you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to info@nantianele.com

Fairchild Semiconductor Electronic Components & Parts:

Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Inquiry
74LCX16244 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE BUFFER/LINE DRIVER 16-BIT Inquiry  Email
74ACTQ244 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE OCTAL BUS DRIVER Inquiry  Email
NC7WZ240 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE TINYLOGIC UHS DUAL INVERTING Inquiry  Email
NC7WZ125 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE TINYLOGIC UHS DUAL INVERTING Inquiry  Email
74ACTQ240 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE INVERTER DRIVER OCTAL Inquiry  Email
74ACT240 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE INVERTING BUS DRIVER OCTAL Inquiry  Email
LMV358 Fairchild/Micross Components IC OP AMP VOLT FEEDBACK 1.4MHZ Inquiry  Email
CD4052B Fairchild/Micross Components IC MUX 2 X 4:1 240 OHM Inquiry  Email
CD4051B Fairchild/Micross Components IC MUX 8:1 240 OHM Inquiry  Email
74HC4066 Fairchild/Micross Components IC SWITCH QUAD SPST 95 OHM DIE Inquiry  Email
74HC4051 Fairchild/Micross Components IC MUX/DEMUX 8:1 DIE Inquiry  Email
CGS3321 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE GENERATOR CRYSTAL CLOCK Inquiry  Email
74VHC4046 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE PHASE LOCK LOOP CMOS Inquiry  Email
74HC4046 Fairchild/Micross Components DIE PHASE-LOOK LOOP Inquiry  Email
SSS2N60B Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMG2G150US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SME6G30US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC7G50US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC7G30US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC7G30US060 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC7G20US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC7G20U60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC7G15US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC7G10US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMC6G20US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMBL200US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMBL100US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMBH200US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMBH1G200US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
SMBH100US60 Fairchild Module Inquiry  Email
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